News Limited paper spreads hysteria on sex education for toddlers

Today’s Sunday Herald Sun in Melbourne contained an article that seemed to good to be true, titled: “Toddlers to be taught about cross-dressing in controversial sex ed program”.  A link to the article is here:  http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/toddlers-to-be-taught-about-crossdressing-in-controversial-sex-ed-program/news-story/7b935bb2e1573c1b2e748755d0f18986

The article, by Susie O’Brien, made a number of fantastic claims about new resources from Early Childhood Australia —

Toddlers will be taught about sex, sexuality and cross-dressing in a controversial national program being rolled out at childcare centres and kindergartens next month.

Educators will be encouraged to use dress-ups to explain cross-dressing to kids and may even take group tours of the opposite sex’s toilets as part of the Start Early initiative.

Teachers will use material provided by Early Childhood Australia, and books such as the book Children’s Sexual Development and Behaviour: Pants Aren’t Rude, by Pam Linke.

Sadly, the article is not true, according to Early Childhood Australia.

Then again, it’s not hard to believe this is part of a concerted campaign against progress for LGBTI people in Australia, when the same article re-mentions the Liberal-National Party’s attacks on the anti-bullying Safe Schools Coalition program.

It comes after the federal government ordered a review of a Safe Schools program for secondary students including lessons on how to bind breasts and tuck in male genitalia.

The materials are online and are, indeed, about providing resources about respectful relationships.  Visit the resource site at http://startearly.e3learning.com.au/

What you can do:

Send an email to the author of the article at: susan.obrien@news.com.au

Write a letter to the Herald Sun, setting the facts straight: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/opinion/letter-to-the-editor

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  1. And even with this statement from Early Childhood Australia claiming the story is false, Bill Muehlenberg asserts on his web site of hate (http://bit.ly/unabletohandlereality): “They are feeling the heat, back-tracking, and in damage control of course. Notice how none of the quotes from the HS article were repudiated or denied for example.” He is sooooo out there.

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