ABC’s The Weekly reminds us of the Australian Christian Lobby’s real agenda

Video: The Weekly with Charlie Pickering, 1 March 2016. [Source: ABC TV via YouTube]

You have to hand it to Charlie Pickering on The Weekly — he’s had a go at George Christensen, Cory Bernardi, Eric Abetz, Bridget McKenzie and Bob Day on their views on the marriage plebscite and the Safe Schools Coalition.

And Pickering’s exposed the pre-plebiscite manoeuvrings of Lyle Shelton and the Australian Christian Lobby.

In a blistering commentary, Pickering reminds Australians:

He (Shelton) seems unduly preoccupied with questioning other people’s relationships.

Since 2014, the ACL has put out more statements on same-sex marriage than on all other issues combined, including warnings that marriage equality would create another stolen generation.

And in case it’s not already clear what the tone of the plebiscite will take, they’ve also called for hate speech laws to be set aside in order to make their case.

Pickering’s right: Australia does not need to go through a plebiscite on marriage.


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